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Tekinplast has been expanding its operation and product range since first day, aiming to spread its domestic success worldwide. The company has become an international distributer today thanks to its global alliances.

Tekinplast began raw material export, mainly PS, in Mercan, İstanbul in 1980. The company has grown and became well known for other raw-materials rapidly with its ethical, dynamic, innovative and sustainable service.


Tekinplast is a family busines that exports raw materials with 160.000 tonnes capacity, 60% polystyrene, 40% other (ABS, PVC, PP, PE) raw materials in order to meet industry demands. Our Head Office located in Mall Of Istanbul, operates ethically and sincerely with its young, dynamic and professional staff. Our storage area in Hadımköy (25.000 tonnes capacity- 50.000 ) provides our customers easy access to raw materials. 


Our technical service works with international experts to identify the needed raw materials and provide solutions to all possible problems for customers. Tekinplast suggests best options from several countries in accordance with your requirements and financial conditions.

Tekinplast provides information about future trends to its customers so they can purchase at the right time with favorable prices. Guarantees efficient and comfortable work environment by adapting instantly to the clients’ changing or growing conditions.