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> HIPS: Anti-Shock
> GPPS: Polystyrene (Crystal) for general use

Polystyrene, is a polymer produced by polymerization of Stiren&Apos in monomer state. It is derived from petroleum. The abbreviation PS is more in use in plastic industry. Polystyrene is a thermo-plastic in solid state at room temparature. It liquidifies at high temparatures during injection or extrusion.  Then it is refrigirated to return to a solid state. 


■ Insulating Materials 

■ Thin-Wall Containers

■ Cooling Towers

■ Pipes

■ Rubber

■ Automative Parts

■ Panels

■ Plastic Components of Electronic Devices

■ Disposable Glass/ Plate / Yoghurt -Ayran Containers


 Crystal, Anti-Shock and Expanding Foam Types; 

■ Various Picnic Materials 

■ Stationary and Giftware 

■ Video Tape Cassettes

■ Foam Packaging